every website you surfed, every link you clicked on, every word you searched on the internet, has led you here. now.

there must be a reason.

the page you reached is an exit door from the indexed part of the world wide web, leading to a different network that i imagined and started building:

the unentangled net

if you decide to enter, forget the web as you have known until now.

forget about websites, ads, malware, cookies, passwords, scripts, search engines: in this new web you will find just bare, pure, raw content.

nothing more. nothing less.

but most of all, forget the deep web's model: this network is quite different in scope, topics and accessibility.

michele fabbrini

the door:

lynx -source https://unentangled.net/u/b/earth.bin

(door opened january 1, 2020)


system requirements:

- a linux distro

- a text-only command line browser (eg: lynx, links, ...)